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If you have been named an executor under a will, a personal representative of an estate, a trustee or successor trustee under a trust, a principal under a power of attorney or health care surrogate, or a guardian of a ward, you have been given a high level of responsibility. As a fiduciary, you can also be held accountable for mistakes.

At The Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I represent fiduciaries throughout the Pinellas County-St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area. As your lawyer, I will review your rights and obligations, and advise you as you carry out your duties so you do not create liability for yourself.

I often represent people who have been named as a fiduciary in an estate-planning document that I have drafted. I also represent people who have been named as a fiduciary in will, trust or estate-planning document that has been drafted by another lawyer.

I Have Been Named a Successor Trustee in a Trust. What Should I Do?

It is common for clients to come to me after learning they have become a successor trustee for a deceased parent’s trust. As your lawyer, I will help you make valid decisions so you will be exercising your responsibilities and duties in a proper manner.

A successor trustee, unlike the executor of a will, does not have the supervision of the probate court. You will not have the benefit of the clerk of the probate court providing you with directions about direction and timelines for distributing assets to beneficiaries. I will advise you what obligations are created by the trust and Florida case law that interprets such a document.

I also advise people after they have already made a mistake that needs to be corrected.

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