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At The Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I represent family members who seek to establish guardianships over the person and property of incapacitated persons. I help my clients determine the best course of action by reviewing the factual situation carefully, including the public and court records, and by obtaining information from local or state agencies involved.

Incapacitated persons and guardianships

Typically, the alleged incapacitated person is elderly and has lost the ability to make competent decisions regarding their finances, assets and personal care. Incapacity is a terrible thing for the family and the incapacitated person to go through. It can strike quickly in the form of a stroke, illness or head trauma, or it can be a slow decline that sneaks up on everyone involved. If you and your family need legal assistance to help with an incapacitated loved one, please contact me for experienced guidance and counsel.

Guardianships over out-of-state parents who are Florida residents

I routinely get calls from concerned family members regarding a family member of theirs who lives in the Pinellas County area. Typically they have received information from a neighbor, or a doctor’s office or a hospital, regarding their elderly friend or relative. Often, my clients are contacted by a someone who is investigating an allegation of self neglect, exploitation of an elderly person, or some other form of elder abuse.

If you have recently been contacted regarding the condition of your loved one in Pinellas County, please contact me to initiate a legal action for their care.

Emergency temporary guardianship

Depending on the nature and urgency of the situation, an emergency temporary guardianship may be appropriate. This allows you to petition the Probate Court for immediate control of an incapacitated person’s assets and living situation. This includes paying necessary bills, setting up needed medical care, and providing in-home care.

If a guardianship proceeding is underway

Many times, I am contacted by family members after a guardianship proceeding has already begun. With my years of experience as a guardianship lawyer, and knowledge of the local rules and procedures, I am able to get involved in the pending proceeding and provide representation for my clients.

Contact The Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp in Pinellas County, Florida for a free consultation with an experienced elder law and estate planning lawyer. For your convenience, credit cards accepted.

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