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It is common within my law practice to represent a beneficiary named in a will or trust, or a family member not named in a will or trust, to try perfect my client’s interests in a deceased person’s estate plan. I also represent fiduciaries such as trustees, personal administrators, executors and guardians in all types of disputes involving their rights and obligations.

I represent clients throughout the Pinellas County-St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area, as well as people in other parts of the county who have an interest in a Florida estate or ward. If you are a will beneficiary, trust beneficiary, fiduciary or family member, I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your concerns.

The following are examples of the types of probate and trust litigation I handle:

  • Will contests: Examples of reasons why a will may be contested include improper execution, such as not having the required number of witnesses, ambiguous language, and not following Florida statute or case law related to homestead or other forms of Florida property or rights to property.
  • Undue influence: If the decedent was under the care or trust of someone who became beneficiary under a trust or will, it may give rise to claim of undue influence in the preparation of that document which I can pursue as your attorney.
  • Elective share: In Florida, a spouse who was excluded from a will or a trust can file for an elective share of the decedent’s estate and receive 30 percent of the estate.
  • Family allowance: A spouse or dependent, or lineal heir can file for a payment of up to $18,000 to pay for the cost of living, bills and upkeep during the pendency of the estate proceeding.
  • Removal actions: A beneficiary of a will or trust can file for removal of a trustee or a personal representative from a trust or estate based on their performance, lack of performance or breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Guardianship disputes: Litigation can arise over care of the ward or ward’s assets. I represent both guardians and family members in these disputes.

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