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Probate administration can be very complex and personal representatives can be held accountable for mistakes. It is important to contact an experienced attorney who can protect your rights and interests in Florida probate proceedings.

At The Law Office of Thomas G. Tripp, I provide experienced counsel and advocacy to family members, beneficiaries, executors and personal representatives in the probate administration process.

Did the Decedent Have a Will?

One of the first questions that will come up is whether or not the deceased had a valid Florida will created prior to his or her death. Depending on the scenario and the way the deceased’s assets are titled, there may or may not be cause to file a probate action within the Circuit Court. If there was no will, the assets may be distributed according to intestate succession laws.

What if Assets Are Held Jointly With a Living Spouse?

If the individual died and all assets were held jointly with a spouse, there may be no reason to go forward with any type of formal probate proceeding. If, however, there are assets that are titled solely in the deceased’s name, it will be necessary to file either a formal probate administration or a summary administration with the Circuit Court.

Experienced Representation in the Pinellas County-Tampa Bay Area

As an experienced St. Petersburg probate administration attorney, I have handled a large number of probate cases in the Pinellas County-St. Petersburg-Tampa Bay area. I am familiar with the local court system and have a very experienced staff. We have all worked for many years within the Pinellas County probate system.

As your probate administration attorney, I have the experience to effectively protect your rights through the probate administration process:

  • I will help you determine which type of proceeding will be appropriate. Each is dependent on a case-by-case scenario, depending on the nature of the assets held and whether or not the estate has creditors.
  • I will help locate or identify a will and assist with the administration of the will through the probate process.
  • I will help you in the asset inventory and preparation of proper notices to creditors.
  • I will follow proper legal procedures for the distribution of the assets to beneficiaries.

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